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World cup sweepstake 2018 ideas

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Someone is bound to know when England won!
Your class will certainly have some opinions on this.Get some treats in, ask everyone for a small entry fee and gather round the big screen to watch history in the making.Check out the example starter attached to the resource section.Why not create a football swear jar?Point out recurring features such as badges, numbers and colour schemes.Shoot out the office, pay a fiver to take a long lunch or leave the office early to watch World Cup games (Dont forget to ask the boss first!).However, to stop every child from designing an England strip, assign a different country to each child/group.Create your very own mini world cup!A tournament or just a one-off football match charging each player and spectator a small fee.Expand on this discussion by filling in the gaps, a document of the competitions history is attached.Home making footballs will get your sporty kids creating and your creative kids engaged with the World Cup.Use our completely free Russia World Cup 2018 Sweepstake Kit for your friends, family colleagues.

While the nation may not hold out much hope for England, the bookies are tipping them as outsiders.
Does anyone know when the first World Cup was held?
How to Play, put all the Country names into a hat.
Youll do well to avoid these teams in the sweepstake, otherwise you may be saying goodbye to your entry fee.
Each entry costs 2 and people pick at random their sweepstake team (make a note of who has picked promo code for priester's pecans which team).Put everyone who takes part into different teams and assign them a country.You could sell food from around the world or even invite people to make it for you.The sweepstakes have been prepared and the favourites are now revealed.World Cup by hosting a food market.Host your own World Cup.It only happens once every four years, so why not kick off the World Cup 2018 with the opportunity to raise funds for Tree of Hope or for your chosen campaign?Can your students identify where these countries are on the map and colour them in their flag colours?So, sit your kids on the floor and get a little discussion going?You could leave it there, or you could expand the lesson by getting the children to make a fun-fact poster for display.