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Disney Channel versions edit Teen Win, Lose or Draw edit From April 29, 1989 to April 28, 1990, and again from September 10, 1990 to September 26, 1992, Disney Channel aired a version called Teen Win, Lose or Draw.
If the score was tied following the Speed Round, each team would play another speed round with 20 seconds on the clock.Disney's, win, Lose or, draw which aired in 2014.The object of the first two rounds was the same.The team in control had the first chance to answer; if they were unable to give the correct answer, the opposing team could guess to win the points.Round 3 The Speed Round: Played identically to the adult version, with the trailing team going first (or the team that went first in round one playing first if the score was tied).During its run, the syndicated Win, Lose or Draw made several road trips including Hawaii, Central Park in New York City, Burt Reynolds' ranch in Jupiter, Florida and Walt Disney World.Jay Wolpert produced the first season, which taped at the Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, with Stone-Stanley Productions taking over for the rest of the run, at which time production also moved to the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles.Afterwards, the scoring format was adjusted; this time, if the winning team correctly identified seven words within the time limit, regardless of how many passes were used, they won 5,000.

This version was hosted by Marc Price for its entire run.
A "plug-and-play" console version was released clare florist discount code by Senario in 2005; unlike the earlier computer and console adaptations, this one allowed players to actually draw the subjects, using an electronic pen, for their teammates to guess.
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Once the word was guessed, the opposing team had to guess their word in a faster time.
Retrieved lose draw 22 " Win Lose or Draw show".The challenges rotated from episode to episode, and three were presented per round.If the game ended in a tie, host Willman drew one picture himself; as soon as a team was able to identify the subject, they had to buzz-in.Round 2 The Phrase Round: The team is given a category, with the phrase based in that category.3, it was co-produced by Burt Bert Productions (headed.If the player typed in the incorrect answer, a player on the opposing team would have an opportunity to type the correct answer (in single-player games, the game system would type a random incorrect answer).Originally, the bonus was played with as many words as possible within the time limit.Computer and video games edit Hi Tech Expressions released two editions of the DOS version of the game in 1988, as well as a "Junior" version, followed by a version for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.New motion-control technology is featured.Contestants could pass at any time on a word, but could not score on it, even if they later came up with the correct answer.