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Which team is most likely to win the superbowl

which team is most likely to win the superbowl

They are starting to establish a playing style, and are dominating matches.
Lamo what IS this really 41 North Korea They're not champions of the world and they will never be and korea is not the best and they will never qualify to the world cup send gift to belgium again (talking bout the north one not the south one they.
I watched a good friend revel in Germany's last Cup victory, and it was.The program is just so far behind other Countries, Europe and South America in particular.V 5 Comments 38 Scotland If Charlie Adam, the next Ronaldo, can up his game, they could easily nick England's auto-qualifying spot.January 8, 2019, resources, dota Subreddits.Pirlo was a great set piece.

Portugal, for example, came off at 20-1.
If the team work well together they will be a force to be reckoned with.
All they need is good defenders like Stam once they got solid defense they will win games in style They failed to qualify V 36 Comments 13 Italy This is Buffon's last World Cup (I'm hoping that he reconsiders and plays for another 10 years).
They can probably manage to win friendlies, and even qualify the WC 18'.
Goal takes a look at the contenders for the highest prize in football.Argentina IS better than germany, v 131 Comments 3, brazil.Turkey haven't qualified for the 2018 world cup and they will never win the world cup even if they qualify which is possible.Surely this team should be at least in the top 10, best team the country has ever had, great form and they push hard and don't give up They are a strong team with a great coach Shockingly failed to qualify although they have great.Okay, they might get a fixed group like Brazil in 2014 (proven, look it up but they'll still manage to mess it up putin probably will pay a lot of money to get the trophy Replying to the Russia losing in the round.They were very enthusiastic about the new dives the team had come up with for the 2018 World Cup.By then the team will have a stronger midfield and forwards.The team is very balanced and they play as a team and adapt to the circumstances as the play unfolds.

But they drawn 1:1 to Argentina.