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Nick is called to the hospital as Juliette has woken.
At the site Ian Harmon's passport is found and a witness calling himself Max Kurtz further implicates Ian.
He also says that he has seen what happens when Volcanalis rises.They trace the calls to Waltz's phone and head to Reginald 's camera shop to find Reginald's body and no Waltz.With help from Kolt, Nick was able to recover the coins that his mother had once guarded. ." Quill " Nick begins to share what he knows about the Wesen World, along with his role and heritage of policing them as a Grimm, with Hank.Finding Lazure's trailer and realising that he is hunting the Gl├╝henvolk for their skins gives added impetus to their hunt and they soon find the cabin where Jocelyn is resting.Woman in Black The players reward card bonus Kiss Face Off Spring 2013-Spring 2014: Season 3 Zombified Nick, while unconscious in the coffin, was placed on Baron Samedi's private plane to Europe.

Nick then visits Khloe at her home for a follow up interview, during which she kisses him on lips, then woges into her Musai form.
While doing research after seeing Sam die, Rosalee discovers that the Bauerschwein at the restaurant are doing their work through use of a rare mushroom, Vollige Verzweiflung, from the Black Forest which is harmless if eaten raw, but fatal to Blutbaden if they eat.
As they do this, Nick asks if Monroe has recently been at Raven Rose.
After Kimura's defeat by Nick and the mysterious woman in black, Nick learns that it is his mother.He finds her in the alley way, however she has succumbed to the anger stage of the disease, and holding a pair of scissors tries to attack Nick.The detectives interview the other staff members and discover that they were celebrating a new game release.Nick calls her to tell her to stay inside and lock her doors.Shortly after the flight begins, the Baron notices that Nick is attempting to escape from the coffin.Following Nick's problems with Juliette, Nick lived with Monroe, who gave him his spare bedroom, until things worked back out with Juliette. .