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(3) Continued use of the malfunctioning system would not inhibit the ability to perform a complete and prompt recovery of all information, and would not otherwise harm or affect the normal operation of the system.
Authority The provisions of this 461a.16 amended under.
(iii) A complete schematic or network diagram of the systems major components accompanied by a description of each components functionality and a software object report.The theoretical payout percentage for the total value of slot machine wagers will be calculated using the following: (1) The defined set of all symbols that will be displayed using spinning reels or video displays, or both.The service button must: (1) Be visible to and within easy reach of the player of the slot machine.(k) A gaming voucher or coupon accepted by an automated gaming voucher and coupon redemption machine shall be cancelled immediately upon exchange in a manner that effectively prevents its subsequent redemption by the cashiers cage, another automated gaming voucher and coupon redemption machine or its acceptance.If an automated gaming voucher and coupon redemption machine is capable of redeeming multiple vouchers or coupons in a single transaction, the transaction history must include a breakdown of the transaction with regard to the individual gaming vouchers and coupons accepted.(c) In addition to the requirements in subsection (b a slot machine that is connected to a common progressive meter for the purpose of offering the same progressive jackpot on two or more slot machines must: (1) Have the same probability of hitting the combination that will.(b) An automated jackpot payout machine must have a label on the top of the automated jackpot payout machine and on the front of the automated jackpot payout machine that displays the asset number of the automated jackpot payout machine.(xvi) A compiler, or reasonable access to a compiler, for the purpose of building applicable code modules.(vii) Total count of coupons accepted.Player rating system A computerized system by which a player is assigned a score or ranking based upon an evaluation of the amount and frequency of play by the person.

1202, 1207, 1322, 13A02(1 6 13A25 and 13A62(a).
(9) Plans for system backup prior to any proposed installation.
Cashless funds transfer system The collective hardware, software, communications technology and other ancillary equipment used to facilitate the electronic transfer of cashable or noncashable credits to a patron at a slot machine.
A representative of the finance department shall be responsible for calculating the correct amount that should appear on a progressive meter.
(h) Upon presentation of a gaming voucher for redemption at a slot machine, fully automated electronic gaming table or electronic wagering terminal, the total value of which gaming voucher cannot be completely converted into an equivalent value of credits that match the denomination of the slot.Mechanics may pay amazon com rewards visa card come in handy when you break down on the motorway but you would rather not encounter one in a casino.(6) Gaming voucher systems.The internal control procedures submitted by the slot machine licensee shall be designed to protect the physical integrity of the systems listed in subsection (a) and the related data and be capable of limiting the remote access to the system or systems requiring technical support.This saying can be used when there is dirty play on the floor.Code 677a.5 (relating to shuffle and cut of the cards.(m) An automated gaming voucher and coupon redemption machine must include a means to protect against transaction failure and data loss due to power loss.Bonus award An award of cash or credits to a randomly selected player that is not generated by the slot machine.(ii) A brief narrative disclosing the purpose for the modification.Code 674a.5 (relating to shuffle and cut of the cards.

This meter may not record awards paid as a result of an external bonusing system.
(21) Attendant paid progressive payout.
(a) A slot machine licensee may utilize a player tracking system which has an interface between it and slot machines, table games, table game devices and related systems tested and approved by the Board under  461a.4 (relating to submission for testing and approval).