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The Oscar-winning actor was beloved both on oakland a's 20th win and off-screen and starred in some of Hollywoods most memorable films.
He was so thin and gaunt, that some of his friends were worried about him.
Remembering the late, Jimmy Stewart, on what would have been his 106th birthday.
A darkness that he was feeling in his own life.
Potter is likely based on Norman.Director Frank Capra Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.Its a Wonderful Life Research Topic via ProQuests eLibrary.Men who served with him said that Jimmy was not afraid of being shot down; he was more afraid of making a mistake and killing his own American troops down on the ground.

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Behind the scenes, Stewart was questioning whether he should quit acting because it was such a superficial profession.
Its a Wonderful Life was Capras favorite among films he directed, and he screened it for his family every Christmas.
James Stewart Research Topic via ProQuests eLibrary.When it comes to, frank Capras, its a Wonderful Life, people usually break down into two camps: They either love it or hate.After the war, when Stewart went back to Hollywood, he was extremely anxious because he had not acted in a film in almost five years.Lionel Barrymore.And the characters he played were honorable.

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