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Sentence of gift

Guybrush Man has the check balance on cineplex gift card gift of speech.
It shows me you have some inkling of the importance of this gift you possess and the dire consequences of it falling into the wrong hands.
Does she understand how important her gift is?
CK I drove all the way to Boston just to give Tom a birthday gift.From Cambridge English Corpus If you have the right friends plus you have certain gifts and talents, then you can make.Then you can talk to 'em but I imagine if it was a gift to the museum, they'll be obligated to hold on to the original.This gift will be a pledge of your purity of heart to her whom you select to be your worthy helpmeet in Masonry.From Cambridge English Corpus In the case of parish bequests, the stipulated uses may have changed, but the gifts kept coming.Carry the precious gift to him.Think of a recluse who finds herself in possession of a marvelous gift, through no action on her part."That should unlock the rest of your gift he explained.From, cambridge English Corpus, although there is no question that these children were gifted, there is some debate about how happy their childhoods were.

CK I thought Tom would appreciate the gift from Mary.
Then I knew that you had not forgotten the dear little child, for the gift brought with it the thought of tender sympathy.
From Cambridge English Corpus He believed that only very few men are gifted with intellectual faculties that can rise above mere passions."It's a rare gift, trust me he said.Send the beautiful gift to him.CK 17007 I cannot accept your gift.From Cambridge English Corpus They were specifically asked to include expenditure on engagement, house construction, furniture purchase, betrothal gifts, dowry and wedding costs.From Cambridge English Corpus Interchangeable vehicles of gifts and sacred forces varied from charms, witch-substance, relics and shrines, or the body of the ritual specialist him/herself.The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.As a token of our gratitude for all that you have done, we would like you to accept this small gift.From Cambridge English Corpus I did not without reason regard the grave gifts of men as products of exchange contacts and those of women as gifts from menfolk.

CK She expected him to buy her an expensive gift.
From Cambridge English Corpus Sutermeister was one of the most versatile composers of his day, turning his gifts just as easily to choral and absolute music.