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School secretary gift ideas

This package can include everything from nova launcher prime promo code lawnmowers and weeders to snowblowers and shovels.
A family membership (passes for 2-4) ensures that the winner will be able to get their dose of knowledge year round.
Pro Golf Lessons As any athlete can attest, theres no better way to enjoy sports than to get right onto the field (or court or course) and play for yourself.
From practice to warm-up to game time, one lucky winner will get to shadow the coach of a professional sports team for the day.
Sometimes it's the huge honors that stand out.After all, you need something to document all of your kids adorable phases (and attest to your familys normalcy, of course!).Give one lucky winner and a guest a trip to the Kennedy Space Center for the ultimate Astronaut Adventure!Insiders Tour of a Popular Local Business Whether its the neighborhood indie bookstore, everyones favorite boutique, or a local restaurant that has become the hangout spot, were sure theres a place in your city that the locals just cant get enough.This live auction item can add a little more glitz and glamour did sc women's basketball win to any outfit.Patricks Day Dinner Top of the mornin to yah!At the very code promo ecofone least, your package should include a large TV, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, and surround sound speakers.Designer Handbags Sometimes, theres nothing more satisfying than splurging on material extravagance.Classes are one of the most useful and valuable things you can offer your guests.See if a local studio will offer a voucher for 3-6 months worth of lessons.I certainly understood the concern about time, and I could easily see the fatigue and end-of-the-year exhaustion of my teachers, Luchuck told EducationWorld.Culinary Classes Any aspiring chefs in the audience?

If youre going to offer this item, make sure to provide food and transportation, too, so that your guests can imbibe safely.
Learning how to cook it yourself!
Gardening Basket Calling all green thumbs!
Seeing the school make AYP was a huge deal for my staff and me, said Kline.
Getting a behind-the-scenes peek into their history from the very person whos the leader of that city: the mayor.E-Reader Any book lovers in your audience?Aromatherapy Gift Basket One attendee at your auction will be walking away with the best smelling home around.Depending on the worth of the cards youre auctioning off, you can feature them individually or package them together to create the ultimate set.Still, the forthcoming Senate version of legislation could be far less partisan than what Republicans are rushing through the House.