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It circled the room over and over again so fast your eyes couldn't follow.
A very strange experience!
The whole room just gave me the creeps and I used to either have to shut the door to the room just to walk by it, or I ran past the doorway.
Just as I was getting ready to go inside, I saw something really weird.I am now 15 and I can still remember it quite vividly and I hope I will for the remainder of my life.When the room lit up like someonce had taken a birthday gifts to usa from india photo and an almight noise rumbled over the house.It was about 3-1/2 feet in diameter.So, when we got three long rings from the operator we knew we had a phone call.

Marie poisonivory at bellsouthdot net roswell, GA USA - Friday, September 21, 2007 at 21:06:42 (PDT) Years ago I witnessed a red ball of light moving quickly above a trout stream in southern Minnesota at night.
It is just a pity, as I say, that we do not have the glass panes to examine with modern techniques.
Night came on and a big storm quickly rose up and there was a number of regular lightning strikes going off in our vivinity in the darkness.
When we later called a repairman to have it fixed, he told us that all the wiring inside the refrigerator had melted.I reached to turn on the light and as I did it sort of popped and was gone.A few seconds after a loud cracking sound from the lightning hitting one of the oak trees my grandmother stopped just about 3 ft from the phone.As soon as it should have hit the window, or passed through it, it suddenly dissapated or disappeared.I was amazed and would always watch the storms as they came.It did not burn or damage anything.It was raining, but I had not seen any noticeable lighting.