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Ocarina of time shooting gallery prizes

Phantom Hourglass Molida Island Shooting Gallery from Phantom Hourglass In hot chocolate phoenix coupon code 2014 Phantom Hourglass, after obtaining the Bow, Molida Island will house a Shooting Gallery run by Romanos.
The Boomerang can also be obtained afterwards.
" Fishman ( The Wind Waker ).
" Fishman ( The Wind Waker ) " See, I've been having some ferocious body aches that only acupuncture can cure!
How about a little game?Slightly more difficult than the Clock Town Shooting Gallery, the Swamp Shooting Gallery involves shooting Deku Scrubs, Guays, and christmas gift scavenger hunt riddles for adults Wolfos, all of which are constantly moving in various formations." Clock Town Shooting Gallery Owner ( Majora's Mask ) " Well look at that!Each game costs Link 20 Rupees, and Link has 70 seconds and unlimited arrows to shoot as many targets as possible.That's a new record!Hit as many red ones as you can within the time limit.Skyward Sword Main article: Pumpkin Pull In Skyward Sword, an archery mini-game run by Fledge called the Pumpkin Pull appears in front of the Sparring Hall.A Link to the Past.If you hit a blue one, you lose time, so watch out!

As a child, by using the.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Main articles: Town Shooting Gallery and Swamp Shooting Gallery The Swamp Shooting Gallery In Majora's Mask there are two Shooting Galleries: one in East Clock Town and another on the path to the Southern Swamp.
See if you can't peg me with 'em!
The first time Link obtains a perfect score, he is given the Rock Brisket.
If Link scores over 1000 points, he will receive a Piece of Heart.Contents show, appearances, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.Adult Link can play even before he gets the Fairy Bow from the.The former is situated near the Goron Village and the Pirate Hideout is found in the Ocean Realm.If you're not in any kind of hurry, why don't you stop and play with me a bit?" Fishman ( The Wind Waker ) " I'll give you 10 arrows for that bow of yours, and I want you to aim those suckers at me when I leap out of the sea!

East Clock Town under the title of Clock Town Shooting Gallery.
Deku Seed, bag, and subsequent wins will grant 50 Rupees.