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No gifts please donate to charity

Option 3: Dear friend for my birthday I have a little task, instead of gifts I have decided to ask that you pick a cause you hold very dear, and send them some money, or some of your bank of america platinum plus visa cash rewards gear.
Should we give our guests the option of donating to a charity of their choice?
(Insert a little something about your dad here to really personalize it).Really, we are not expecting gifts.If you love hosting parties and sharing celebrations with friends and family, but dont need the extra stuff perhaps ask for donations in lieu of gifts or even just that guests dont bring gifts at all.If you feel that asking for donations or no gifts is the right thing for you, then be confident in doing.Option 2: At the end of the day all that matters, is your company, fun and lots of chatter.Do you have any tips on how to ask for donations instead of birthday gifts?

But if you insist, please pick a charity from the list.
Option 1: Your presence is present enough, and we already have so much stuff.
Expert Answer: Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca.
Would it be tacky to put a note (nicely printed, diplomatically worded, of course) in the invitations to let everyone know that we would prefer no gifts?Id like to suggest a more friendly (IMO) wording: Since Jack and I have been blessed with all we need to be happy, we have decided not to register for wedding gifts.I would like to also suggest that you give your guests the option of giving to a charity of their choosing.Please dont bring me presents, your money cheetos christmas gifts would better be spent, On my simple birthday plead to help other kids in real need.See Also: 152, shares.Is making mention of the technical details (tax-deductible, attached form) appropriate?And if your children are involved, you are teaching them about helping others and giving them a broader view of the world they live.