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Satellite Character : Many would be surprised to know that Betty has two adult siblings: Chic the government spy, and Polly the successful reporter.
Flat Character : Midge sunday river coupons deals is either annoyed at Moose' protectiveness, or a my animal farm promo code token female friend to the other girls.
Academic Athlete : Betty is a tomboyish athlete but she's also The Smart Girl who has intelligence and works hard in school to achieve high grades.
The Chessmaster : Jughead is merely a lab rat; once the Riverdale High student body witnessed what she could do (turning the uber-misogynist Jughead into her willing slave she became the most popular girl in school.
The students have once compared his reign to boot camp.Played for laughs in one story.Screw the Rules, I Have Money!This carries over to the 3000 series that sees Archie driving around a hover-car version of his Mustang.He sometimes "trusts" Jughead, but sometimes he still goes berserk all the same.

The Alleged Car : His famous jalopy, "Ol' Betsy".
Reggie debuted in the summer of 1942, completing the five-man ensemble at the heart of the series.
Clingy Jealous Girl : Not to the level of her boyfriend (see below but Midge goes crazy whenever another girl hits on Moose.
Iconic Item : It wouldn't be Jughead without his beanie.Lonely Rich Kid : Reggie is wealthy and has everything going for him, but he was a lonely kid growing up and din't have a lot of friends.Registration AT THE festival commons, lake george,.Normally, they are rex specs promo code fighting over Veronica's attention or affections.Aborted Arc : Jughead's Love Triangle with Joani and Debbie didn't last more than a year, despite how well-known it is amongst adult Archie fans.He does know when he is being insulted, however, and promptly decks the guy for calling him a stupid lard bucket, depriving him of his charming voice.