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Metrocentre staff discount card

Limitless without Central London Package Minimum membership period 12 months.
Closing or changing Limitless for new members.
Exclusions Discount is not valid on Candyking pick and mix, Costa products, Croma restaurants or Bubbleology.All the information you give in the joining process must be accurate and complete. .We will try and let you know beforehand if this happens.Your copy of these Terms.The chains buying director, Chris Edwards, subsequently confirmed my speculation that the site would host a branch of Discount UK Poundworlds recently launched multi-price format, which already occupies the former Woolies site in Middlesbrough rather than one of its eponymous pound stores.If you join again using our online ultimate fantasy football national sweepstakes code renewal portal, you have the same statutory right but the 14 days runs from the date you completed the renewal process. .Joining again via online renewal (upfront payers). .In this case, the name Harland Services Limited and/or may appear on your bank or card statement next to your membership fee payments.

Our company number is 1854132.
We may also open new cinemas but not include them in the Limitless membership scheme.
Your personal information. .Your behaviour in cinema. .The news brings to an end speculation about which retailer would move onto the current Next site.However, a member of staff told me that BHS will be reopening further along the street in October, taking over the premises that will be vacated by Next when it moves into Eldon Square later this spring.The photograph needs to be a reasonable likeness of your face, so that we can use it to identify you at cinema. .The European Commission has established a website for online dispute resolution which is available at /consumers/odr and which is designed to assist consumers in resolving disputes online without having to go to court.An up to date list of odeon cinemas in the UK can be found.

Our website may sometimes be unavailable so we can carry out maintenance or for other reasons outside of our control.
You have changed your permanent address to an address outside the United Kingdom (we may ask you to provide reasonable proof of this.3.3. .
Membership fee increases after the minimum membership period (monthly payers).