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How much does a free drop cost?
Hosel The hollow part of the puffitup com coupon code clubhead that the shaft fits into.
Medal play This is a form of competition decided by the overall number of strokes.
Green This is a color and also the term used to describe the putting surface on the golf course.Hook To hit the ball and have currys discount code april 2017 it curve gradually from right to left (for right-handed golfers).This is usually done to allow another player who is farther away to putt without hitting any other balls.Follow-through The continuation of the golf swing to the end.(I got a bad kick means I got a bad bounce) LAG To putt the ball with the intention of leaving it short of the hole so that the golfer is able to have a very easy putt on the next shot.Note: this is NOT the way we suggest to play golf.A score of 3 on a par 4 hole).TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph.I donât know if I will be able to make it as well as you did but hopefully I can learn.A reading of 5 to 11 is the normal range with 5 being slow and 11 being extremely (PGA) fast!Youâre a very generous person.

Each hole is worth one point no matter how many strokes one player beats another.
Im in the beach).
Tight fairway A narrow fairway with not much area on either side to miss.
Front side The first nine holes is usually referred to as the front side.Now if you are really smart, you can also figure out that the back side is the back nine or last nine holes!Gimme A term for a putt that is close enough to the cup that it will certainly be made so the other player says its a gimme and the player doesnt have to putt.A good golfer always replaces his divots and tamps them back down so they will grow back again!Baseball grip Holding the golf club like one would hold a baseball bat.Playing through The process of slower players in front of faster players allowing the faster players to move ahead of the slower group.What is all this talk about the back side?Sandbagger This is a golfer who purposely tells others that he is a worse golfer than he really is in order to gain an edge in competition.Links Another word for a golf course.Choke This word has two meanings.