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How is no claims discount calculated

This will give you a reduction in the cost of your premium based on the number of years you have been claim free.
It really is best to call us at and talk through the options that work best for you.
So how do you get one?
Sometimes, your insurer may protect your no claims only up to the value of a certain amount or for a number of claims per year.Say for instance your car euronics voucher code was stolen, you would need to make a claim and your bonus could be lost.A mirrored no claims bonus is often used when rainmeter skins win 8 a person, who already has earned a bonus on a car policy, decides to buy a van or commercial vehicle.Registered Office Pitheavlis, Perth, PH2 0NH.Simply put, it encourages safer driving behaviour.

Auto and General Services ABN (afsl 241411) "AGS" arranges the insurance on behalf of Auto General Insurance Company Ltd ABN (afsl.
Can a named driver build up a no claims bonus?
Always ask when you get a" how long it is valid for.If you do not make a claim or no claims arise against you, in a five-year period of insurance then the discount awarded is 50, this is the maximum No Claims Discount we offer.For example you may be protected if you make up to two claims in three years only up to a certain value; if you exceed this amount then you may lose your no claims discount.If you make a claim, your no claims bonus will be affected either by it will be lost or reduced.If you already have Rating 1, thomas cook promo code visa you can protect this rating by selecting NCD protection when you buy.Our sales agents will often be asked what step back bonus protection actually means.For example a young driver on their mother or father's insurance policy can build up named driving experience which may be converted into no claims bonus by some insurers but be sure to check as not all apply this rule.If you are currently or have previously been insured, your policy should have this detail.Some insurers offer introductory NCDs for previous driving experience as a named driver on another policy. .