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On each Keep Track Sticky Back, there are multiple pouches in various sizes covering the area of The Keep Track Sticky Back.
The grand prize winning team members and winning individual each received 5,000, and the mentors/teachers of the grand prize winners each received 1,000.
Again, we genuinely appreciate every one of our members who grabbed a camera and sought out photos to help illustrate each portion of the Wood Crosstie Story.The Skysource / Skywater Alliance, based in Venice Beach, California, received a grand prize.5M for developing an easily deployable high-volume water generator that can be used in any climate, meeting the competition parameters of extracting a minimum of 2,000 liters of water per.We are committed to finding the necessary funds to capitalize and launch this competition as gift for 15 year girl indian soon as possible, said Anousheh Ansari, xprize chief executive officer.Photo Contest Rules (established before the contest began) can be found on the main 2011 Photo Contest page.

The prize concept calls for innovations that can scale coral survival 1,000-fold, taking the survival rate of new coral larvae from 1 in 1 million, to 1 in 1 thousand, helping us to replenish our rapidly dying coral reefs.
Users that contribute the most content will be awarded badges that are displayed next to their username as an incentive to contribute more.
Team @skysourcewater wins the Water Abundance xprize for technology to extract 2,000 liters of water per day from thin air using 100 renewable energy at a cost under 2 cents per liter.
In addition at Visioneering, five new prize concepts were evaluated with top honors going to a prize concept called Coral Survival, a prize designed to protect and restore coral reefs.
Watch Video, our business is all about helping people organize their everyday items!The Keep Track Sticky Back comes in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and is made out of a rubbery type of plastic that is flexible, portable, and reusable.There will also be a messaging service to better the collaboration between users.We're excited to present you with the grand prize winners of the 4th annual.In conclusion, I hope to create an expansive and free educational resource that anyone with access to a computer can use.A second team, jmcc wing, based in South Point, Hawaii, received a 150K prize to acknowledge the teams ingenuity in developing a unique technological approach.