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Gift ideas for mothers after giving birth

So I moved onto my hands knees, way far apart, kinda like a frog.
She amazes her physical therapist, neurologist, and most of all us! .
My sister sat beside me title lock promo code holding Naomi and my hand, and once she was like, "You are 300 win mag 220 grain ballistics going to have to let go a little" because I was squeezing her so hard!
It was fluctuating wildly.There were several points, and this was one of them, when I really, really wanted my husband to just call the ambulance and let them make the pain stop.All of my babies are over 8 lbs including my 11lbs 3oz boy.Labor from here on out was pretty much a train wreck!I felt very alone and I wasn't optimistic at all. .I called my grandmother to let her know that my water had broken.I was really being a pain, too.They turned the pitocin off so that I could get a shower, something to eat (they didn't let me eat all day and some rest.

The doctors wanted me to sign up for a repeat c-section with #3. .
#2: 36 Prepregnancy Weight or Dress Size : #1: 275 lbs. .
Finally the guy told me to hold still (HA!) while he inserted the needle.
He really tried to convince me it was OK, but within a few contractions after my water broke, I knew things were going to happen fast.
It was so amazing to feel her crown and emerge, followed almost immediately by her body. .Finally, I heard someone say, "You are not going to get the baby out like this.I went into labour and arrived at the hospital.While I was blowing out it was barely manageable. .I was pushing, had been for some time now but the baby wasn't moving down. .It takes into account cycles that are longer than average like mine; by its dating I was only at 41 weeks when I gave birth (instead of 43). .