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Gift for book release party

For my first book, I had a lovely party at a restaurant in Ghiradelli in 1989 but we didn't sell books.
Find Your Venue, finding the right venue for your launch party is a matter of weighing up the size, cost, and accommodation.
It grabs people's attention, and they thrilled to cheer you on - I have about 50 people turn out, plus it grabs the attention of everyone else in the store.
She gave a brief reading from the book and the store sold the books - it was a great way for her to partner with the store and bring best gifts for a golfer 2014 a lot of potential customers there.EP, and whether you've got physical copies are are going digital all the way, an album launch party works wonders for getting your fans (and potential fans) all excited about the new stuff.Did the same at the book signing in Chicago.Party - emphasis on "party" - rather than a traditional show.A long time real friend mentioned that she appreciated that we didn't sell books and that would have belied my intent and the theme of the invitation.Hey, even my parents paid me for their copy - they insisted!When the partys end draws nigh, you could also offer to help with the cleanup.I rented a meeting hall, advertised to as amazon com discount code 2016 many friends, family, and business associates as I could, as well as using some low-cost advertising methods through the small business club, etc.

I plan to bring the moms-to-be some baked goods and sparkling cider but I would also love to bring a present for the baby too.
I've done some launches in my local bookstore and gotten media attention.
Radio, TV and print.Moderation is the name of the game.14) Event should be free with purchase of book.If the party was formal or given in your honor, written thanks are in order.Maybe a unisex baby book or keepsake?Having your friends set up book signings doesn't feel can you get your money back from a gift card like a Tupperware party, in the sense that you feel obligated to buy a plastic tub you don't want.They will hate you later.3) Be a willing participant.15) Offer discounts to workshops, seminars, webinar for those who buy the book in bulk.Six Ways to Be a Good Host.

We had local TV coverage and print media in attendance.
My suggestion is send out as many invitations as you can and hope for the best.