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Funny homemade gag gifts

Dont think big, think small, really small.
Sat proud upon a tree stump, this silly Billy screams every time he is pressed.
This pack of 5 pairs of cute cat socks is ideal when shopping for the cat lover in your life.Please see your teacher if symptoms persist".How to keep your beer cold and your hands warm.It is easier to manipulate and makes dinner making uber promo codes gold coast a lot of fun.All you need to do is come up with some silly photos of the recipient, yourself, family members, friends, characters from your favourite movie, comic series, TV program, etc etc.Book of Calm, go to a charity store and find a self help book about "relaxation techniques "dealing with stress" or similar.Thy man himself, Macbeth and Hamlet have all been condensed down to pocket size and filled with moisturizing goodness for those optimax discount voucher luscious lips.Perfect for friends who "have problems".This is a great gift for anyone who loves Jolly Ranchers, but wants to preserve their teeth and waist line.17.99 Images You Should Not Masturbate To Take a load off and relax with Images You Should Not Masturbate.

Titled: Things that annoy me, daily disappointments and fresh rants; they are bound to fill them up in no time.
Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats Pool up to the party and swan in like a boss with this three pack of inflatable, bird inspired, novelty drink floats by BigMouth Inc.
Whether he's a new or experienced Grandparent, Parent, Aunt or Uncle, our On Duty Personal.Follow this comprehensive guide to get that person just that, the gift of nothing.Keep their lager love strong and their fist looking stronger.There are beards of all shapes and sizes featured, providing great inspiration for growing and styling a beard of your own.Worn just like a traditional visor hat, it features a head of hair sprouting from the top.

Of course, this is not a real product.