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Flue sweeping kit

Clay chimney flue, although your fireplace or stove is visible every day, see you never your chimney walls.
All rods are very strong and flexible, made from 10mm diameter solid POM.
This Large Flue Inglenook Kit has been put together for the purpose of rotary power sweeping wide and tall flues.
Creosote burn only seasoned hardwoods in your fireplace keep your chimney cleaner than burning soft or wet wood.
It can also be cleaned, even if the cleaning method depends on the material it is made from.1 Drill Adaptor The Drill Adaptor should be used in a conventional drill chuck.This system is highly efficient and it takes less than 30 seconds to connect all the double button lock rods together. .If the creosote catches fire it will burn very intensely, which has the potential to damage the structure of the house or the chimney.This kit will go up to 8 Metres in height, but additional rods can be purchased to extend this. .If this build-up gets too heavy, it may prevent smoke from properly venting through the chimney and cause a subsequent leak of smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide fumes into your home.Chimney caps if you do not already have one, consider installing a chimney cap.1 Bristle Head The bristle head is connected to the rods using an identical coupling system as the rods themselves, does not require rotation and is simply pushed using the hand grip.

What you will get with this kit 10.00 metre POM rods There are ten rods supplied with this kit providing sufficient assembly to remove removes deposits of soot and fly ash from a ten metre flexible flue liner.
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When your familys safety is at risk, you want to take all necessary precautions.Creosote is a thick black tar-like substance, which obviously makes it difficult to clean.The idea for using this kit is that each rod is spaced apart differently, so for every 2 x 22mm wearecivil coupon code polypropylene rods, a 22mm aluminium rod is placed in between to keep the rods straight whilst spinning.The unique system, which incorporates 10mm diameter POM rods, has demonstrated that the flail head is able to pass through changes of direction of 45 bend in a 125mm (5 flexible liner, a procedure not possible with conventional 125mm (5 flexible liner cane rods!You can find these at fireplace stores and large home improvement chains.It can be complimented with your own existing SnapLok 18mm and 22mm rods or more rods can be added to this kit.If left uncleaned, a substance called creosote builds up on the walls of the chimney or flue.But all smoke leaving a greasy buildup of soot and creosote.You should also consider how long the clay chimney flue sweeping company has been in business, if the company provides references and if the individual does the cleaning will have liability insurance to protect your home and its furnishings against accidents.