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Discover your motivational gifts

I prefer doing a job instead of delegating it to someone else to complete.
Easily perceives character, encourages repentance to do good, believes trials help build character.
You are very particular about the accuracy of details.You have permission to use the free, self-scoring online survey at gifttest.(2) After you print the test, enter your name below, and proceed to get your password: Please email me at if you have a question or comment about the test.I organize my thoughts in a systematic way after careful research and study.You are sensitive to words, attitudes, and actions that troy on tap promo code may harm others.Others may say that you are overly critical and even judgmental.I can create order out of chaos.I am able to communicate my thoughts directly and frankly to close friends, even though they may disagree with.

Others may say that you just give to receive the recognition.
I like to simplify complex issues into practical steps to help people grow spiritually.
I give more than the biblical tithe to the Lords work.You have the ability to have empathy with hurting people.You would rather do things yourself rather than having others help you.This questionnaire is based on the premise that the seven spiritual gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8 (Prophecy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Giving, Administration, Mercy) describe seven different temperament styles.You feel a need to validate and clarify truth.I am a possibility thinker, believing that all things are possible with God.You find it difficult to say "No" when others ask for your assistance.You can remember the personal likes and dislikes of others.Presents truth in logical way, validates truth by checking facts.