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Did clay aiken win

did clay aiken win

Just please pray for us especially right here at the holidays.
Sandy has another grandbaby coming.
lillian: Adrienne Richardson; Zayivan; Isaac; new Bible studies.-betsy: Lori's back- ruptured disc; Ricky's temper.
Pray that Lillie can find a suitable one wedding anniversary gift for husband 1 year near home.
In 2014, Aiken ran for Congress in North Carolina's 2nd congressional district.Pray that all is going well with her pay total rewards visa and her family.Keep him, family and Sandy in prayer as she ministers to them._Prayers for health esp.Continued prayer for Jim and Mary.Wants prayer for her and Pat Mouldin who is in hosp.Leslie says that Debra Young is doing well at armc.Debra is at home after her cancer surgery, doing well.Met Sherry with 5 children, says will be at Crusade.During Top 9, it was announced that Corey Clark had been disqualified.Our granddaughter, Lauren Collins.

Heyward: his son Hayes has short time to live - his organs are beginning to shut down, asking for God's mercy that he lives to celebrate his birthday on January 28th.
Brian Howell - Jul 30 2016.
Healing for Keisha and Janice in their hearts and minds.
Visitors: Leon, Bob Tarbox absentees:Anthony and Annette Christian, Betsy (still in Cola.Sandy: Se called me as I was finishing this and asked for prayer for James.Cont'd prayer for Leslie's friend Sybil who just lost her husband.Ann is thankful that her guardian angel was in full attendance on Friday, AM, when the car accident occurred.Claudette: Sister Deanna has diabetes and it is affecting her eyes.Prayer for the following brothers to have the blessings and favor of God, Rhone, Snow, Tony, Morris, Ted, Maurice, and Dampier.Its been hard communicating with her, she is very sensitive in everything.