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Clean gag gifts

My dog got run over.
People getting on my last Nerve.
Kids are driving me crazy.
When you call out sick but then run into your coworker on her break at SoulCycle.To quite or just not show up for work?I keep getting tounge tied when I read out loud dammit dammit dammit dammit!Toilet overflowed at work after I used d someone moved the plunger to rocksolid helmet coupon code somewhere else!Not enough staff for the work volume.How was I supposed to know they were "special?" dammit!Contains one folded section of a page from a newspaper.Had to explain to my three year old that No, we can't just buy a new grandma like we did when her fish died.Losing a loved one.Client got sick because their insurance doesnt cover their medicine.

When its been three years, a daughter and the gift shop brakpan a houseboat later and youre still waiting on a ring.
Husband's ex doesn't want 2 out of 3 of their kids anymore.
My cat chews and pulls on our berber carpet and ruibs.
No boys like me!
You can say or do for a friend that doesn't have long to live.My long distance boyfriend got a VR machine and he's been ignoring me for 4 days now.I can't lose weight dammit!Dammit now dog and cat give me no privacy in bathroom!I have to move the day after Thanksgiving.