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Brandon Bruce: Its not because youre wasting time, maybe we are on once in a while but its because these emails arent straight ahead necessarily.
So can you tell me what, to the extent that youre able to share, whats coming next for Cirrus Insight?
Thats the close of a sale and then it advances to the customer success role.
I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.
Does email work for me?I should go find out if they connected, what that call was all about.So what Attach does, which we bought and now integrating into Cirrus Insight does is you take all those marketing approved, sales approved collateral, put them all on this Cloud repository inside of Attach and each of those slide decks and documents and PDFs now.Search for him in Salesforce, find the right search result, drill into the record and look through.Very different ask and it would have nice for the different parts of the campus to be on the same page but how do you do that when the different parts of campus are half mile apart.David Giller: Yeah, sharing the love with the rest of the Salesforce is what its all about because to me it just helps empower others to use the same types of tools and best practices that you and I take for granted.

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So I think the value is even more, is even higher as others within the organization are enriching the data as well.
Have a quick read.
Super excited about this because for years, all of us have just been dragging these bulky PowerPoint slide decks PDF proposals and contracts, Word Documents, in the email and we send them and we have no idea what happens to that attachment.
So maybe early, yeah, we were He was really opening all the emails that I was sending, really engaging and opening them a lot and in fact clicking on all the links.
I recently sat down for a chat with Brandon Bruce, COO.It is way more than that.So none of us got fatigue in the conversation, none of us kind of gave up.Are we getting closer to a sale or perhaps not?By contrast, if they open it up once, go through a third of it, close it and leave, thats not a strong of a signal, obviously.I have to tell you the one feature out of Theres a lot of features that I love about Cirrus Insight but the one feature that for me brings it just completely over the top that I love is seeing the live real time open.So you can start choosing which ones to use in which situations based on the probability that theyll net out a positive ROI.I dont need to look at caller.Then you can start finding those second and third order efficiencies beyond just doing basic prospecting which is hard enough for all of us that have done it for many years but getting into the full workflow of what it means to maintain and build.

We like to envision it, kind of cradle the grave of the sales relationship, its kind of a torture analogy but at the very beginning, you want to be able to add new prospects, new leads into your pipeline.