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Big pharma's obamacare reward

Indeed, PhRMA was one of the hgtv ultimate outdoor sweepstakes most aggressive supporters - and most lavish beneficiaries - of the health care bill drafted by Fowler.
Some patient groups have contended that icer emphasizes cost savings because it receives funding from health insurers.
Donald Metz, executive editor of Health Affairs, said the journal followed its policy of leaving disclosure to the authors discretion.
Lakdawalla serves as executive director of the initiative.
Over the past seven years, the number of acute cases of hepatitis C in Tennessee has tripled.If that werent the case, they wouldnt fund.As the study acknowledged, it was funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb, a company that at the time was developing a much- anticipated cancer treatment.But premiums, deductibles, co-pays and other fees can run to thousands of dollars.As in other developed nations.Scott Annese, a 50-year-old computer technician from South Daytona, Florida, has diabetes and a total blood cholesterol level topping 260.It has similarly wooed doctors, seeking to influence what they research, teach and prescribe.It took years for Emily Scott, the factory worker from the Cumberland Gap region of eastern Tennessee, to find out she had the virus.

About 75 percent of publications by the firms employees in the past three years have either been funded by the pharmaceutical industry or have been done in collaboration with drug companies, a ProPublica review found.
While waiting to become sick enough for treatment, patients may transmit the disease.
You worry about access for the people for whom there is a treatment, he said.
Efforts to establish similar practices in the.S., however, have been stymied by lobbying from patient groups, many of them funded by the pharmaceutical industry, contending that value pricing could lead to rationing of health care.One was the firms co-founder, Darius Lakdawalla, a University of Southern California professor.Former WellPoint VP Elizabeth Fowler sits behind her boss, Sen.By testing and treating all patients now, they concluded, society would gain 824 billion over 20 years.Lakdawalla is the chief scientific officer, and Philipson is listed as chief economist and the chair of the strategy and innovation board.The headquarters of Precision Health Economics sits in a West Los Angeles office building flanked by palm trees, about 10 miles from Goldmans academic center at USC.After he suffered a heart attack and had two stents inserted in his left coronary artery, his doctor prescribed a statin, a low-cost drug to lower cholesterol.