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Best long range load for 300 win mag

Hand Loading, standard twist rate for the.300 Winchester magnum is 1:10, ideal for heavy bullets but often producing acceptable results with 150 grain bullets at mild muzzle velocities of 3250 through to 3320fps as a typical upper limit for accuracy.
As a light game load, either the 150 grain btsp or fbsp Interlock driven at a mild 3250fps can be used with great success on game weighing up to 70kg (155lb).
The same applies to the 220 grain Partition, an immensely hard hitting big game/ moderate range hunting bullet.
The 150 grain PowerPoint is a highly explosive projectile, producing spectacular performance on light framed game out to ranges of around 300 yards, limited.With the 30 calibers being the most popular in North America, there are a wide variety of bullet types and weights available in factory loaded ammo and even more choices available to the handloader.Along with this, two Superformance loads are included, featuring the 165 grain InterBond and 165 grain GMX at 3260fps.The 180 grain PowerPoint is an explosive bullet and is one of the few 180 grain projectiles capable of producing truly fast killing on light framed animals.Lighter weight, in turn, translates to easier field carry and less gift of light expo shooter fatigue.Find the rifle that fits your needs and your budget and hit the range!As with all of the.30 caliber magnums, the key to outstanding success is matching bullet weights and construction appropriately to the job at hand, combined with optimum accuracy.Hornadys 150 grain SST is an exceptional projectile.Partition fired from.300 Win.

The 165 grain InterBond is well suited to the.300WM, for use on game weighing between 80kg and 200kg (180-440lb) while also producing acceptable wounding and penetration gifts for praise team on heavier deer/antelope species of up to 320kg (700lb).
BC.545 and this bullet hits hard, all the way out to 800 yards.
Elk are typically the main game for hunters who carry rifles chambered.300 Win.
While this particular criticism is somewhat overstated, its basis is essentially sound.If I was going to put together a 300 Winchester Magnum for hunting Id look very seriously at the Tikka T3x.For small or lighter framed game, the 168 grain A-Max is as light as one needs.With those propellants and others, though, the.300 Win.Like the soft point, at close ranges, penetration can be shallow, but adequate for game weighing up to 150kg.As with most core bonded designs, performance tends to wane at 2400fps, with wounds becoming much narrower at 2200fps and below.The 200 grain tbbc (non-tipped) is again, a hard hitting, highly traumatic, deep penetrating bullet.Due to the explosive nature of this projectile, the PP is not well suited to heavy bodied game at close ranges, but instead produces admiral performance on all game up to weight of around 150kg.