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(4) A rehabilitation assistant may be appointed by each wildlife rehabilitator to paspic promo code uk provide care for wildlife as necessary within the established limits for each class of permit.
Source The provisions of this 147.144 adopted March 13, 1998, effective March 14, 1998,.
This permit allows a commercial agriculturalproducer and its legitimate employees and agents to engage in the shooting or capture of resident Canada geese when necessary to prevent damage to agricultural crops and other interests by resident Canada geese. 21(b) and (c).(e) No more than ten persons may be listed on the permit as official guns.(C) Accessories: A secluded den area that is 4'W by 4'L for a single animal is required; add 3 feet in length for each additional animal.Source The provisions of this 147.223 adopted June 6, 1997, effective June 7, 1997,.The cage shall be constructed of steel or case-hardened aluminum. 721(a 2102(a) and 2901(b).Source The provisions of this Subchapter S adopted May 19, 2000, effective May 20, 2000,.1020; amended November 27, 2009, effective January 1, 2010,.For large birds of prey, a stump high enough that when a bird is perched, the tail feathers are 6 inches off the floor.Source The provisions of this 147.311 amended July 29, 1994, effective July 30, 1994,.(3) Banded promo code for target january 2015 Peregrine Falcons may not be taken under the authorizations of this section.

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(a) Application for the deer control permit shall be made through the district wildlife conservation officer on a form provided by the Commission.
Authority The provisions of this 147.146 issued under the Game and Wildlife Code,.
3716; amended July 15, 2005, effective July 16, 2005,.
If sick or unsightly, wildlife shall be removed from public display and immediately given professional medical attention, or be destroyed in a humane manner.Code 147.554 (relating to subpermit.Source The provisions of this 147.112a adopted November 27, 2009, effective January 1, 2010,.The cage shall have a secure locking device and shall be key locked or padlocked.New construction or rebuilding shall be covered.(xiii) Pelicans, cormorants and swans.