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36 weeks pregnant sweep

My dr stripped my membranes 2 weeks before i had my son and nothing happen but the discount prom shoes day before i had him she did it again and i mean she really stripped them and the next morning i woke up and i was in labor.
Today and they stripped my hopefully within the next 24hrs I will be in is is my fifth child and thats how it worked with the other 4 so we will hurt real bad this time.
They will check if your cervix is what is known as favourable.e.
Labor revolution makeup gift set started later that night but stalled after 7 hours when the baby rolled over into a transverse position ( I told the Dr about this at the next visit).
I hope this works because at 38 weeks she said he feels like hes around.5 lbs.But ws far as im concerned the strippin worked!I was completely closed when my doc did it the first time he was able to get me 1 cm tho using his finger adn tahst where ive been since week 38 now week 41 only maybe 20 effacement i hope everyone elses stripping goes.Is going to strip in 2 weeks.

Then you can get dressed and either book an appointment to be induced, or go carnival cruise birthday discount home until you spot the signs of labour starting.
This process requires a specially designed hook, which has a long handle and an end that looks like a crocheting hook.
Having a stretch and sweep done can be painful, especially if the mother is not yet in labour.I did go walking and have s_x after i was stripped so that might of helped to!These include issues with the baby being able to regulate their own temperature, low birth weight, breathing problems and difficulty feeding.After all they did go to school for this kind of stuff.Statistically, there is around a 24 success rate of the procedure being effective with labour tending to start within the next 48 hours.This is because it can take up to 48 hours to work.

Is this a result from the membranes being stripped, or has anyone else had this happen at this stage.