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264 win mag

Mag., like many magnum rounds, can wear out barrel throats manchester united voucher codes more rapidly than lower pressure and lower velocity non-magnum cartridges, especially when fired rapidly, which heats up the steel and hastens throat erosion.
Performance edit The.264 Winchester Magnum gained a reputation as a very flat shooting cartridge.
Mag., so used models in good shape can often be found.
Mag.'s champions were George Swenson of John Wilkes gunmakers, London, and David Lloyd of Northampton, England.
Create an account for faster checkout, easy access to order history, and to earn reward points for every dollar you spend!Jailhouse Rock and Explorer 1, the first.S.Mag., even though the 264 Win.No clubs or codes required.What is your mother's maiden name?

Weatherby for use in their.257 Weatherby Magnum,.270 Weatherby Magnum and 7mm Weatherby Magnum cartridges.
As a factory chambering, the caliber remains popular with some enthusiasts using custom built rifles and handloading their own ammunition as an internet search shows.
The.264 Winchester Magnum, by Chuck Hawks, the smallest caliber in Winchester's series of standard length belted magnums, which includes the.264,.300,.338, and.458 Winchester Magnums, the.264 Winchester Magnum (a.5mm to Europeans) was designed to be the ultimate ultra-long range big game cartridge.
140 grains is probably the best all-around bullet weight for the.264 Magnum.When it did, the.264 Win.Free Shipping on All 75 Orders.Hornady data also shows that the long 160 grain RN bullet can be driven to a MV of 2500 fps with.6 grains of H870 powder.More likely is the fact that hunters had more confidence in the game-getting ability of heavier 7 mm (.284 150 to 175 grain spitzer-shaped projectiles on big game, as compared to 140 grains being the upper end of pointed.264 bullets.